Monday morning. Alarm is blaring. You shuffle into the bathroom for your morning routine and take a look in the mirror. What’s the first thing you see staring back at you? Your face! And if you’re having a bad skin day, it can affect your self-confidence – big time. High pressure meeting at work? Job interview? Maybe a date night? School pictures? You want to face the day feeling your best, and with your self-esteem high.

Finding confidence in your complexion can be a daily struggle – whether you deal with acne, wrinkles, eczema, sun spots, rosacea or more – no problem is too little to make someone feel insecure. Turning to cosmetics to help conceal can sure help give you a boost in confidence, but a good skincare routine is also key to healthy looking skin. A good skincare routine is not a one size fits all though, and it’s important to understand your needs when looking for the best products for you. Understanding your skin type and your skin problems is the first step, because you want to be as informed as you can before making purchases for skincare products. It is actually possible to use products that could emphasize current problems instead of helping treat them, so knowledge is a key first step!

Beauty may only be skin deep, but it’s a great starting point to feeling self-confidence daily. Keep reading for tips, both beauty and beyond, for improving self-confidence.

  1. Find a skincare routine that works for you and stick with it! Don’t skip your AM or PM skincare routine!
  2. Be aware of what you are putting in your body. Fast food, processed foods, sugar, soda and more can cause breakouts and other skincare problems when consumed on a regular basis.
  3. Drink water! Aim for eight glasses a day, and help yourself by filling a water bottle each morning. Running errands? Take your water bottle, and don’t be tempted by a Starbucks run.
  4. Never sleep in your makeup. Just don’t do it!
  5. Get physical activity. Being physical, even for just thirty minutes a day, can have great effects on not only your body, but also your self-esteem.
  6. Take time for yourself each day and do something you love. Read a chapter in a book, practice a yoga flow, or run a bath.
  7. Positive vibes! Self-talk is a big area where people tend to be too negative or hard on themselves. Stay positive in your thoughts.
  8. Change a bad habit – and don’t be afraid to start small! Cut out soda or fast food for one week, then see if you can make it a month.
  9. Stop aiming for perfection – with your looks, your job, your clean house. No one and nothing is perfect, so don’t put that pressure on you.
  10. Celebrate you and your achievements. Nothing is too small to be celebrated.

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