Summer may be over but that does not mean that sun is any less harmful to skin. Sun exposure during any time of year can harm skin that is not protected. Effects may be short-term or could last for a lifetime. After learning how sun damages skin, you will never leave the house without being protected, regardless of the season.

The sun emits ultraviolet rays that create free radicals, unstable molecules that attack cells in an attempt to stabilize themselves. Collagen fibers in skin are prime targets for free radicals. Collagen is protein that contributes to firm skin free of wrinkles. If free radicals break down collagen, anti aging skin care products become necessary. These help to repair collagen and increase the levels of this protein in the body.

Free radicals also target melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin responsible for skin pigmentation. When under attack, melanocytes overproduce melanin and the result is dark spots on skin, commonly called sun spots. There are products that lighten these spots but the best approach is a preventative one that involves wearing a broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen every day. Pay special attention to the face, neck, hands, arms, and chest because these areas receive heavy sun exposure.

What we eat can also improve our resistance to skin damage caused by the sun. Antioxidants are natural free radical fighters. Dark green vegetables, dark colored fruits, and green tea are notably antioxidant-rich but all vegetables and fruits contain antioxidants. Give skin an extra boost with BioBelle’s  Happy Hour Tencel Mask that uses the natural power of botanicals to hydrate skin and restore firmness, elasticity, and a healthy glow.

People who do not sunbathe often consider themselves immune from sun damage. The truth is that just a few minutes of sun exposure each day adds up to a substantial amount over a lifetime. Using skin care products and cosmetics that provide UV protection can prevent UV-caused damage. Whether running across the street to grab lunch at work or playing with the kids in the park, skin will be protected.

Environmental aging is not limited to sun damage. Exposure to pollutants and toxins encountered daily can also create free radicals. Minimize the effects by filling the diet with antioxidants and using skin care products that fight free radicals. BioBelle’s  anti aging skin care treatment masks are powerful weapons derived from nature so you can avoid harmful side effects while preventing and treating UV damage.

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