Collagen is a protein comprised of amino acids. It is the most abundant protein in the human body, representing approximately 30 percent of protein found there. Many people refer to collagen as the glue that holds our bodies together. This substance supports internal organs, connects and supports bone, tendons, cartilage, muscles, and skin, and can even be found in our teeth. Its tissue-supporting role is what makes collagen so important to skin.  

When supporting bodily tissues, collagen gets help from elastin. While collagen provides tissues with form, strength, and firmness, elastin makes tissues flexible. Bones, lungs, tendons, blood vessels, and skin rely on these two substances. Collagen supplements are designed to increase joint mobility. In skin, collagen combines with keratin to make skin flexible, strong, and resilient.  

Collagen is the main substance in the dermis layer of skin, which is located beneath the outermost layer called the epidermis. The dermis layer provides skin with strength and flexibility. It is also where wrinkles are created. Exposure to sun, pollution, and other environmental elements reduces collagen levels. Age also causes collagen production to decline.  

Knowing that a collagen deficiency can contribute to skin aging, healthcare professionals focus on ways to stimulate collagen production in skin cells. They recommend a diet containing amino acids and other substances that create collagen. Eggs, beans, coldwater fish, and seeds are several foods included in this type of diet. They also promote a facial skin care regimen that protects skin from environmental damage. This involves using antioxidant skin care products and covering skin with sunscreen before heading outdoors.  

What type of facial skin care products stimulate collagen production and provide protection against environmental damage? They range from cleansers, facial masks to anti-aging skin care products made from naturally-derived ingredients such as BioBelle Facial Masks, reducing exposure to toxic chemicals. BioBelle Facial Masks addresses toxins that pollution and environmental stressors provide. They feature blueberry extract that encourages and protects production of collagen and Pomegranate extract that improves collagen levels.  

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